Nov 2, 2016


Image Src : Fox Movies
Finally caught up to watching the movie 'Martian' on television. It is my kind of movie - unabashedly, unapologetically science-y. I'd have expected Holywood to come up with some excuse about how such a movie won't do well at the box office and add dollops of melodrama or at least some emotional color. Even my all time favorite 'Contact' had its share of daddy sentiment. But Martian was uncompromising.

When Matt Damon looked into the camera and said - 'I have to science the shit of it,' I whooped with joy.  When he drew the circle for communicating through a swiveling camera and hexadecimal, I almost had tears in my eyes.

The book has a lot more details and yes a few parts were skipped, but I thought the movie stayed true to the spirit of the book.  Science dominates, but so does the indomitable human spirit. We need more such movies to rekindle our imagination and sense of adventure with science.  

November 02, 2016