Nov 9, 2016


Occasionally, there are days like this. I could comment on so many things - Trump win, 500/1000 Rs notes recall, women in Sabarimala temple... Tweets are cheap after all.

Maybe I will stick to this - Theresa May totally rocked the sari.  That flowing pallu gracefully falling over her arms and the way she lightly hitched the pleats to walk comfortably - she looked like a total pro. I could never do that, I am all about stiffly starched, pleated and pinned when it comes to sari.

I had read an article a few months ago about a group of women in our cosmopolitan city pledging to wear a sari at least 24 times a year. While I didn't commit to that [I generally don't commit to anything that involves an earnest effort], I am surprisingly well on my way to donning a sari 24 times in 12 months. No doubt due to the holiday season.

November 09, 2016