Jul 9, 2017

Day trip

[Img Src:Wikimedia/Aravind Sivaraj]
Did a quick day trip to Chennai. Got up early to catch the morning plane ride after sleeping fitfully [so what's new]. On the way to the airport, saw an army of bikers. Their bikes, serious looking machines, parked by the road, they seemed like they were out of the pages of 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.' There were folks on their bicycles too, pedaling effortlessly looking the epitome of health and wellness. Last time I rode a bicycle was to school and have never even come close to riding a bike. Naturally, I spent the next twenty minutes staring wistfully outside and daydreaming. [In case you are interested, the dream involved me biking along legendary train trails and famous rivers. As you can see I am quite imaginative even when I daydream].

Chennai was warmer than I expected. Spent the morning near Armenian Street [hilariously translated to 'Aranmanikkara theru']. Still hopeful, I looked for Ganesh and Vasanth in Thambuchetty Street. After a leisurely lunch attended a Barathanatyam recital. The chief guest asked the young person on the reception committee where her 'pottu' was. The appropriateness of the dress code, down to the 'pottu,' to an occasion is a slippery slope. A judgment call one has to make on a case by case basis considering convenience, aesthetics, feeling good, and principles. Clad in my cotton saree, with the 'pottu' of course, I mused on the subject. Clad in his blue jeans and shirt, SR scoffed at my 'over-analysis'.

Didn't get to go for a walk on the beach. The view from the plane was adequate for the time being. 

July 09, 2017