Radhika Nathan is a juggler, a meanderer, and a rolling stone. She believes in the miracle of words and the rain. Her favorite pastimes include reading, listening to podcasts and gazing at monsoon clouds. Her taste in books is eclectic ranging from anthropology to old-fashioned murder mysteries, and if pushed she would name Jane Austen as her favorite author for her believable, eternal characters. Travel is something she enjoys and has been to more than a dozen countries - for the love of meeting new people and discovering new cultures. 

Radhika writes for her fascination of human beings, intrigued by their archetypal & atypical behavior and the differences & similarities in all of us. Writing is a means that forces her to think and re-examine a point of view or a preconceived notion. Her books are really opinions masquerading as novels. 'I grow as a person as I write', she says and quotes 'A well-written sentence [a rare occurrence] is like soul chocolate.'

Radhika believes in a spiritual approach to life that embraces science. Personal responsibility and fair play are important to her.

May 06, 2018